ELSAN A.Ş. has adopted protecting the environment during its operations as a principle. In addition to the Continuous Casting section, we prevent hazardous emissions thanks to the filtration facility, which was established in 1992 and had a capacity increase in 2000. Besides, hazardous wastes occurring at this stage are recycled and raw material source for another industrial branch is created, while we provide energy saving by re-using the waste heat that comes out.  ELSAN A.Ş. It has 1st Grade Non-Sanitary Enterprise Licence with Emission permit since 2000.


ELSAN A.Ş. It received 'Hazardous Waste Recycling Licence' from the Ministry of Environment and Forestry regarding recycling of oil contaminated swarf in 2008, and Environment Permit and Licence Certificate from the Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning in 2012.




ELSAN A.Ş.has determined the environmental dimensions and environmental impacts arising from all its activities within the frame of ISO 14001 Environmental Management System it has been applying since 2008. All kinds of waste are collected and stored separately by type in Regular Waste Collection Sites, which are built in accordance with the legal legislations of ELSAN A.Ş., which is depicted as a model particularly in 'Waste Management', and are sent to licensed disposal / recycling facilities.